The  Province  of  Manitoba  has  signed  a  letter  of  intent  with  Petro-Canada  setting  out  the terms and conditions under which the province will take possession of land immediately north of the Upper Fort Garry site, allowing visitors to the future provincial park to have access to a fully accessible green corridor extending from Broadway to the Assiniboine River river walk, Premier Gary Doer announced today.

“Together with the hard work and commitment of hundreds of individuals, we have been able to provide additional downtown green space for everyone to enjoy,” said Doer. “I would like to thank  Petro-Canada  for  supporting  the  vision  that  will  make  the  future  Upper  Fort  Garry Provincial Heritage Park larger, greener and more accessible.”

In  2008,  the  province  committed  $1.5  million  in  capital  toward  the  heritage  park  project  to help  enable  the  Friends  of  Upper  Fort  Garry  to  preserve  the  historic  site. Manitoba  also agreed  to  designate  the  site  a  provincial  park  and to  provide  up  to  $150,000  in  annual funding to maintain the new park.

Originally  developed  in  1834,  this  location  is  considered  the  birthplace  of  Winnipeg  and Manitoba.

“This is a tremendous development for the Upper Fort Garry Heritage Park,” said Jerry Gray, chair of the Friends of Upper Fort Garry. “With the acquisition of this property, we now have the  opportunity  to  further  enhance  the  design  and  visual  impact  of  the  park. I  would  like  to express  the  Friends’  sincere  thanks  to  Premier  Doer  for  his  commitment  to  the  project  and particularly  for  his  efforts  in  securing  the  site, and  to  Petro-Canada  for  their  generosity  in supporting this historic heritage development.”

As part of the agreement to transfer the land to Manitoba, the province has agreed to pay $1 million  for  the  land  and  Petro-Canada  has  agreed  to  donate  the  remaining  $1.35  million  in land value to Manitoba.